MESHIAGARE Box for Cooking Lovers

MAY 2022


Tofu Firm [blue]

Enjoy a healthier and more balanced diet with Mori-nu Silken Tofu (Firm). This tofu is made from vegetable protein to add flavor and increase the ratio of healthy nutrients. It’s a wonderful alternative to eggs and dairy, especially for those who are vegetarian or vegan.

Contains: Soy

Kagayaki Rice

Kagayaki Rice is renowned for its premium quality. It is perhaps one of the best short grain rice available in all of Japan. This special rice is made without the use of water which helps it absorb liquids better and retain its incredible flavor.

Sansai Gomoku Kamameshi

If you’re looking for a new and authentic Japanese way to enhance your rice, then you can’t go wrong with the Yamamori Sansai Gomoku Kamameshi. You’ll experience a savory and rich side of rice you never knew existed! Just add to rice, cook, stir, and enjoy the taste!

Made in Mie, Japan

Contains: Soy, Wheat, Fish

JFC Katsuo Bushi Pack

Add a touch of JFC Katsuo Bushi
to your next entree! These fermented dried fish flakes can turn any meal into an instant Japanese classic for the whole family to enjoy. Make any Japanese entree twice as good with the flavor of dried bonito fish flakes!

Made in Japan

Contains: Fish

Instant Miso Soup [Fried Tofu]

Experience rich Japanese cuisine on the go with Enjuku Koji Miso Soup [Fried Tofu]. Miso soup has a very rich and savory flavor that goes great with the added fried tofu that’s included. The texture is thick and delicate as the soft tofu falls apart in your mouth.

Made in Nagano, Japan

Contains: Fish, Soy

Shiso Furikake Rice Topping

Make home-cooked rice extra flavorful with Hamaotome Furikake (Shiso). The blend of flavors like red perilla in plum vinegar and deep-sea salt turns any cooked rice into a masterpiece of Japanese cuisine.

Made in Aichi, Japan

Contains: Fish

Red Bean and Sweet Potato Pie Cake

Red beans and sweet potatoes make the perfect blend in these confectionary cakes! Treat your palette to the sweet and rich flavor of Japanese desserts with Tenkei Nishoku An Tsutsumi Red Bean and Sweet Potato Pie Cake. These cakes are a great way to familiarize yourself with new entrees and cultures straight from Japan.

Made in Nagano, Japan

Contains: Egg, Wheat, Chestnut, Milk, Soy