MESHIAGARE Box for Cooking Lovers

JUNE 2022


Okonomiyaki Kit

Prepare the best Okonomiyaki with OTAFUKU Okonomiyaki Kit! Okonomiyaki is known as a Japanese “pancake dish” which consists of flattened flour batter and vegetable and meat fillings. The OTAFUKU Okonomiyaki Kit comes with the ingredients needed to make savory Okonomiyaki your whole family can enjoy.

Made in Hiroshima, Japan

Contains: Wheat, Japanese yam, Fish, Soy, Squid

Okonomiyaki Sauce

It’s the perfect topping for Okonomiyaki! OTAFUKU Okonomi Sauce consists of rich, savory, and a great variety of vegetables that treat your senses to an absolute treat. The sauce is great on Okonomiyaki as its mellow and subtle sweet taste makes Japanese pancakes even better!

Made in Hiroshima, Japan

Contains: Soy


KENKO Mayonnaise is similar to Western Mayonnaise but different in a better way. The texture is creamier and more balanced in sweetness and saltiness. Anything topped with this mayonnaise is instantly tastier! Make it your next addition to okonomiyaki, potato salads, and sandwiches for a boost in flavor that pleases the taste buds.

Made in Hyogo, Japan

Contains: Egg, Wheat, Soy

Katsuo Bushi

Add a touch of JFC Katsuo Bushi
to your next entree! These fermented dried fish flakes can turn any meal into an instant Japanese classic for the whole family to enjoy. Make any Japanese entree twice as good with the flavor of dried bonito fish flakes!

Made in Japan

Contains: Fish

Asazuke no Moto [Katsuo]

Sliced pickles are often served with rice and miso soup as a garnish, relish, condiment, or palate cleanser. YAMAKI Asazuke no moto [Katsuo] (bonito) solution tranforms your favorite vegetables into lightly salted, crispy side dish. Enjoy this Japanese-style pickles just in 30 minutes!

Made in Ehime, Japan

Contains: Fish, Soy, Wheat

Osuimono Soup

A delicious mushroom-flavored soup that never gets old! NAGATANIEN Matsutake-no Aji Osuimono Soup uses a Japanese staple of the highest quality, matsutake mushrooms, to drive the taste of this soup to savory avenue! Fu (a type of air-puffed tofu), nori seaweed, and scallions are the main ingredients. Just add hot water and it’s ready to go!

Made in Tokyo, Japan

Contains: Fish, Wheat, Soy

May contain: Shrimp, Crab

Rice Crackers

If you like it mildly spicy then these savory AMANOYA Himemaru Rice Crackers won't disappoint! The crunchy spice of these rice crackers makes them great afternoon snacks when eating lunch at home, work, or school. Sweet soy and chill pepper are the key ingredients in making these rich crackers the perfect treat!

Made in Tokyo, Japan

Contains: Wheat, Soy, Fish

Produced in a Facility: Shellfish, Nuts

Hard Candy

Colorful, hard, and sweet to the core make TAIKI Hana Komon Hard Candy a great addition to any candy jar. Whether you leave a bowl on a table, countertop, desk, or den, these TAIKI Hana Komon Hard Candies always make guests feel welcomed. Offer them to anyone who walks into your home as a way to show your grace!

Made in Japan

Recipe Cards

Easy to follow, step-by-step directions for the featured recipes of the month; Okonomiyaki & Japanese Pickles.