MESHIAGARE Box for Cooking Lovers

JULY 2022


Japanese Fried Chicken Powder

Let's forget about the hassle of deep frying chicken and enjoy Japanese style fried chicken at home with this powdered mix! The secret ingredient, Kome Koji, is what makes this chicken powder so tasty. Kome koji is a traditional Japanese marinade made from fermented rice that gives the powder a sweet, savory flavor while tenderizing the chicken in the process. Enjoy delicious, mouth-watering fried chicken with a tasty crisp and crunchy coating!

Made in Hiroshima, Japan

Dried Seaweed Hijiki

Taste the best of the ocean with Wel-pac Dried Seaweed Hijiki! Hijiki is a brown seaweed growing wild on rocky coastlines of East Asia. A staple of the Japanese diet, it is an important part of Asian cuisine for centuries and is now gaining popularity around the world for its wonderful, distinct flavor and texture. Hijiki contains a lot of calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus—and is therefore a superfood. It also contains a large amount of dietary fiber, which helps you feel full for longer.

Tofu Firm [blue]

If you love tofu, you’ll love this product! Mori-nu Tofu Firm is a creamy and delicious source of low-fat, heart healthy, vegetable protein with a firm texture that holds its shape well. Tofu is a great substitute for eggs and dairy in recipes, and can be eaten on its own as a snack. It is also great in a variety of dishes including entrees, salads, and desserts.  Mori-nu Tofu is made with non-GMO soybeans, contains no preservatives or gluten, is low in fat, and is dairy-free.

Contains: Soy

Kagayaki Rice

When you're looking for rice that's got the perfect texture, aroma and taste, Kagayaki Rice is the one you're looking for! It's California-grown, short-grain Japanese rice that's been specially milled using a process that doesn't utilize water or brushes. That means that all of its nutrients are intact, so you can enjoy a perfectly balanced flavor and texture without compromising on nutrition. This delicious rice makes for an excellent addition to any meal because it is versatile enough for savory dishes as well as sweet ones!

Instant Miso Soup [Green Onion]

Alleviate your hunger with a warm cup of Hikari Instant Miso Soup! Each serving comes in a single-serving sachet and includes only the freshest Japanese ingredients: traditional bonito and kelp dashi seasoning in fresh paste form. This instant soup delivers a perfect balance of umami and sweetness, with a complex and rich flavor. A separate sachet of freeze-dried green onion and dried wakame seaweed are included to add a fresh, vegetal accent once hot water is added.

Made in Nagono, Japan

Contains: Fish, Soy

Ume-chirimen Furikake Rice Topping

When food is plain and somewhat tasteless, adding this Ume-chirimen Furikake Rice Topping from Marumiya helps to create a delicious dish! Ume-chirimen Furikake is a soft rice topping made from dried white bate (chirimen) and Japanese sour plum (ume). The combination of ume and chirimen is a wonderful treat, as the mild saltiness of chirimen complements the sourness of ume to create an unforgettable taste that lingers in your mouth!

Made in Niigata, Japan

Contains: Fish, Sesame, Wheat

Onion Dressing with Garlic

Add a burst of bold flavor to salads, vegetables and more with this dressing from Kewpie! Freshly grated onion and roasted garlic are blended with roasted sesame seeds to create a rich and savory dressing that is the perfect complement to salads and vegetables alike. With a garlic and onion base, it adds depth of flavor in every bite. Plus, its bold and savory flavor will have you coming back for more!

Contains: Egg, Soy, Wheat

Instant Miso Ramen

If you love miso ramen, Itomen Instant Miso Ramen will take your taste buds on a wild trip to Japan! This convenient package contains a rich miso-flavored soup with seafood and vegetable broth, along with asari clams flavoring to create the perfect bowl of ramen noodles. It's a quick and easy way to satisfy your craving for wholesome, delicious flavor!

Made in Hyogo, Japan

Contains: Wheat, Milk, Soy

Sanshu No Yokan Mix

If you've ever had the pleasure of tasting yokan, you know how delicious it is. With its soft pillow like texture and rich, sweet flavor, it's one of the most popular Japanese desserts, enjoyed by people of all ages. Tenkei has taken the traditional Japanese confection of yokan and transformed it into an on-the-go snack that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime! Sanshu No Yokan Mix is made with bean paste, sugar, and agar agar— a well-balanced blend of sweet and savory that just melts in your mouth. There are three different flavors (red beans, salt, sweet potato), so there is something for everyone!

Made in Nagano, Japan

May contain: Wheat

Hokkaido Milk Manju

Discover the taste of Hokkaido with Tenkei’s delicious milk manju! Made with Hokkaido’s famous evaporated milk, this sweet bun has a creamy flavor that will inspire your very own bucket list of delicious treats to try in Japan. The bun is filled with creamy white bean paste (shiro an) that is smooth yet rich. The end result is a sweet, creamy treat that is simply irresistible. Light and fluffy, this treat makes for the perfect snack or light meal, especially if you're craving something sweet!

Made in Nagono, Japan

Contains: Wheat, Milk, Soy, Egg