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KIKKOMAN Aji-Mirin (Sweet Cooking Rice Seasoning) - 10 FL OZ (300 ml)

In Japanese cuisine, mirin is used in simmered dishes and noodle soup base, as well as in kabayaki (thick and savory soy sauce-flavored) sauce and teriyaki dishes to add luster. The alcohol content helps eliminate raw odors, such as those from fish, improves flavor infusion and helps ingredients to retain structure during simmering. The sugar content imparts a sweetness to cooked dishes, luster to teriyaki bastes, and when heated mirin produces an even more pleasant and savory aroma. 

Ingredients: Glucose syrup, Water, Alcohol, Rice, Corn syrup, Salt

Storage: Keep in a dry and cool place.  Avoid direct sunlight.

Product of Japan.

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